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As of March 20th, 2018, a new location attracts visitors in Balatonfüred. North of the train station in a small street you can stumble upon the House of Jewish Excellences where in an airconditioned and modern environment the visitor can view the completely digitalized permanent exhibition: “From Einstein to the Present Day”.

From the outside the visitor is welcomed by two distinctly different buildings. The simple facade of the renovated synagogue which serves as a community hall where hosted events offer programs for locals, holiday-goers, Jews and non-Jews alike. The events range from concerts through plays all the way to book signings and scientific presentations.

Connected to the former synagogue is the new modern visitors center. On the ground floor of the 3-story building the visitor can purchase their ticket which allows them to access the interactive exhibit, while the optional audio guide help expand the experience. The exhibit introduces the life and work of Jewish scientist whose work and discoveries shaped the world we know today. Currently the exhibition features 400 famous jew,  scientists, artists and people from the world of sports. The scientists are available in 3 languages: Hungarian, English and Hebrew, while the other two categories can be seen in Hungarian and English.

Beyond the “dry” and “plain” data interesting facts and stories makes learning about these people more exciting. We can find the answers to questions such as, “Why didn’t Turán Pál learn to drive?” Why blue is the main color of Facebook?” and “Why did people believe that the first contraceptive pill was of the “devil”?”. We can test our newly gained knowledge with the games built into the system. If the first round of five scientists wasn’t enough, we can reupload a new five as many times as we please, or we can take a seat in the cafe area and have a hot chocolate. In the garden we can take a refreshing stroll and view the olive tree as old as Israel. Those arriving on bicycles have nothing to worry about, there is bicycle storage available on site. The visitors center presents the history of the Jewish people in a completely new and unique way. While not forgetting the atrocities of the past we remember in a different way, by commemorating these people and their work and pass it on to the next generation.

We invite everyone to visit us.

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