The House of Jewish Excellence is hosting the permanent exhibitions entitled “From Einstein to the Present Day – Jews in the Forefront of Technology” and “From Chagall to Spielberg – Jews and Art” The lives and work of 280 Nobel Laureates, world renowned researchers and artists, all of Jewish origin, are presented in Balatonfüred. Without these magnificent people — which impact all of our lives even today — humanity would be very different. As described in our mission statement, these people would have been killed in the Holocaust too, but they escaped, and “built a palace out of thoughts”.

Experience has shown that during a visit you can absorb the lives and successes of 5 excellences. Consequently, we allow you to arrange your own plan based on your own interests at the entrance of the exhibition and thus choose from 140 scientists or 140 artists. You can choose from more aspect and arrange your own visit plan accordingly.

Come and visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

Interactive exhibition “how to”

After we get a ticket, we will recive a card. This card is used to start the information panel. By placing the card on the sign on the panle’s right side, we can start the interactive digital exhibition. Firstly we select one of the following: Science os Art. As a test we sellect Science now. After the langue selection, we can choose from “Recommended programs” or “Individual programs”. There are 140 Jewish scientist in the exhibition, from witch we select 5 to fill the card. We can choose from pre-assembled options with the “Recommended programs” tab, or we can read through and select among the 8 categories in the “Individual programs” tab. By selecting one category we can press on the scientist whom we want to know more about, his/her life and work.
If we have the 5 scientist selected, we have to finalize with the OK button found in the bottom right of the screen. The screen displays the selected 5 for a final confirmation. Now the card is filled with the data about the 5 scientists whom we selected, and we are ready to go upstairs to get the full experience.
Here we find folding screens with double panels. There is a glowing circle between the two panels, by touching our card to it the information about the previously selected scientists appears. On the left panel we can choose from the scientists, on the right panel we can read about his/her life, work and other interesting content under the “Did you know” section, with some games. These panels operate with a touch screen for a full interactive experience.


The exhibition can be visited also with audioguide for what you can ask earphones or if you have your own you can use it, as well. With using audioguide you are able to hear all of the texts what you are reading.