Albina: The woman behind Imre Kertész’s Nobel Prize

Albina Vas, born in Szatka, lived with her husband, Imre Kertész, for 42 years. During this time, she supported him financially, believed in his talent and stood behind Kertész until his best-known work was born. Albina spoke seven foreign languages, earned money with as a truck driver and then as a waiter.

Who was this great woman who already became a widow at the age of 16, experienced the ghetto in Szatka, then the Gestapo in Pest, and later the resettlement in Kistarcsa? Her property and apartment were confiscated three times, but no one could take away her vitality, her zest for life and ability to love.

The performance language is hungarian!

Performing: Eszter Csákányi

Written by: Anna Sándor
Dramaturge: Lili Fabacsovics
Director: Gábor Czeizel

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